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As a multi-faceted Company, with decades of experience, we provide Service for the following:
3rd Part Quality Investigations and Inspections
Business Accounting
Xero proficiency
Legal/Private Investigations.

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About Diligent Business Services


We have 21 years of knowledge and up-to-date experience. We tailor our work around your systems, templates and checklists, take care of your immediate needs and follow-up with you, for your own peace of mind.

3rd Party Quality Inspections

We have 20 years of experience in the Quality Sector.

We can identify the issues in building Quality Product & are able to assist in implementing new/improved and tailor-made Quality Systems.

Our experience is spread over a diverse range of Manufacturers and Products


We support you 100% to operate without Risk, allowing you to concentrate on your Core-business. With us, the “Personal Touch” is not a cliché, but a guarantee.

Our Services

3rd Part Quality Investigations and Inspections, esp Manufacturing Systems/Procedures & Production of Goods
Business Consulting
Xero proficiency
Assistance with Legal/Private Investigations

Our diverse range of Services is our strength, with each Partner having their own Section, combined with their own, corresponding, expertise.
  • We have up-to-date Machinery and Equipment, for all tasks
  • We tailor our Software to suit your needs


At Diligent Business Services, we assist many Clients with their Legal requirements, by Investigation. This includes Evidence Gathering, Taking of Statements, Asset Checks, Asset Recovery (incl Aircraft, Launches, Yachts), Criminal Defence Preparations, Process Serving, Skip Tracing, Destruction of Confidential Documents and more.




Client Feedback

So friendly and easy to work with. You're welcome back at our Offices, every day, Karen! Thank you for all your help. ---- Nadine.

Truly a winning Company-Thanks from Brad!

So nice to find someone who listened to my problems and helped me to remedy them. All of the best in your new venture. Antonia.

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